Keeping Records After Closeout

While punch lists and inspections are crucial to the construction process, they are still valuable after the job is done. Using FinishLine Software to speed up the checklist process is … Continue Reading →


Using FinishLine with Subcontractors

Since FinishLine doesn’t charge seat limits, that means more team members can use FinishLine. Depending on how your team decides to use FinishLine is entirely up to you. In this … Continue Reading →


Field Observation Software Solutions

Have you thought about using field observation software? The typical construction field observation method is outdated. Using the paper and pencil method is slow and not secure. Learn how construction … Continue Reading →

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Make the Transition to Using a Punch List App

Making the transition to using a punch list app might seem like a daunting task at first. More than likely teams are busy and you don’t want to add something … Continue Reading →


Keeping Cool During Summer Construction

As the first day of summer is quickly approaching, it’s a good time to step back to prepare for the weather as things heat up. Dehydration and heat stroke can … Continue Reading →


Construction Checklist Software

One way to improve your efficiency on the job site is to adopt construction checklist software. The typical pen and paper or spreadsheet method is a tiresome and typically a … Continue Reading →

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Taking Flight: Construction Drones

New construction technologies are exciting. Whether it’s punch list management, new building materials, or drones, we like to stay up with the latest and greatest technologies. We’ve compiled a few … Continue Reading →


Punch List Software Case Studies

The best way to see if something works is to test it and see the outcome. When it comes to punch list software, reviewing case studies gives you a look … Continue Reading →

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Construction Safety Week 2016

Monday May 2 – Friday May 6, 2016 is Construction Safety Week. In honor of committing to a safer job site we invite you to look further into the Construction … Continue Reading →


Common Construction Software Myths

In the big scheme, construction software technology is relatively new. Companies and the teams that work for them are still in the midst of adapting to such technology or possibly … Continue Reading →